The success of the project " C.C.H.P Envir. Challenges " require the implication of the population.
So, a communication by means of various supports (bulletins, Television, web site, kleaflet) information meetings, targeted consultations... are organized around this project. Each has to be an actor of the environmental protection.

PARTICIPATE in the SORTING OF WASTE: we put ourselves in it all !

Partiper in the selective sorting it is the affair of each. To respect the environment by making the " just sorting ", it's to prepare a better life for the future generations.
Let us continue to respect our living environment.
You sort out your waste at home according to the periodicity which suits you and according to your availability and you go in one of the equipments provided you with by the Communauté de Haute Provence.
To sort out it also is to make energy savings.

En téléchargement :
Daytime collection :
  • Monday         Mane - St Michel l’Obs – Dauphin - Reillanne
  • Tuesday        Mane – st Michel l’Obs – Villemus – Montjustin
  • Wenesday     Mane – Dauphin – St Martin-les-Eaux
  • Thursday       St Michel l’Obs – Aubenas-les-Alpes
  • Friday            Mane – St michel l’Obs – Villemus – Reillanne
  • Saturday       Mane – St Michel l’Obs - Dauphin

Communauté de Haute Provence - Projet européen LIFE - Photo Camion grue
Schedules of waste reception center :

Waste reception center of Dauphin               Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday and
Route du Stade 04 300 DAUPHIN                        
From 8h00 till 12h00 and from 14h00 till 17h00.
Tel :                                          Wenesday from 14h00 till 17h00.

Waste reception center of St Michel l'Observatoire         Monday-Wenesday-Friday and Saturday
Route de St Michel l'Observatoire                                                                   
from 9h00 till 12h00
Tel :

Waste reception center of Reillanne    
Winter schedule : Monday-Wenesday-Friday from 13h30 till 17h00
04 110 REILLANNE                                                                          Saturday from 8h30 till 12h00
Tel :                   Summer schedule : Monday-Wenesday- Friday from 13h30 till 17h00
                                                           Tuesday-Thursday- Saturday from 8h30 till 12h00
Accepted waste
Ferrous metals and non-ferrous - wood - cardboards - bulky waste - lubricating oil - Waste of equipments éléctriques and electronic - Garden refuses of the private individuals.
Refused waste
Household waste - medical waste of center or activities of care - corpses of animals - fuels - liquids - tires - asbestos - garden refuses of the professionals - rubbles.

Communauté de Haute provence - Projet européen LIFE - Photo déchetterie


To return your more environment-friendly accommodation, you are not obliged to live in a wooden house without electricity. Without too many expenses, some installations can turn green your house and allow you to reduce your energy consumption. For an eco-low price, you can make some equipments at a lower cost which will return your more ecological housing environment !


The not collective Purification is a technique of full waste water treatment. It concerns the installation of waste water treatment not linked with the public network of purification and represent approximately 4 million housing and 20 % of the French population. For the Communauté de Haute Provence, it represents 22 % of the population.
Some installations of not collective purification defective or badly maintained can be at the origin of sanitary or environmental problems with sometimes significant effects on the water resource.
The putting in conformity of these installations by the phytoépuration is ecological, autonomous, aesthetic, effective and innovative.

To know more about it.........

Communauté de Haute provence - Projet européen LIFE - Photo phytoépuration